Khyati Jain

Khyati Jain

Software Engineer



I am a software engineer at Google, working to provide seamless access to engaging education content. Previously, I worked at Sundial, a sequoia-backed early stage startup building a data story telling product. It helped me experience first hand what building 0-1 looks like. I’m eager to expand my skills and learn more about what it takes to build amazing products that people love!

I have been fortunate to have various opportunities to explore in my undergrad. With my internships at Google, where I worked on multimodal-information extraction, and at Microsoft Research where I worked on building a logical NLI dataset, I have developed a keen interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I am particularly interested in the aspects of explainability, interpretability and ethics. I am also excited about other emerging technologies like quantum computing and analog computing. On that front I have worked in my final semester at Dr. Franco Nori’s Lab at RIKEN.

I enjoy writing. I write about my personal experiences, opinions and some tech on Medium. While I was quarantining during the pandemic, I also started my podcast - where I interviewed a few leaders from industry and academia.

Please reach out to me if you’d like to chat with me!


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Product development
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Data Science


  • B.E. Computer Science, 2021

    BITS Pilani Goa Campus

  • M.Sc. Physics, 2021

    BITS Pilani Goa Campus


[Sep 2022] Our poster on Noise resilience of deterministic analog combinatorial optimization solvers accepted for for a poster presentation at CNC 2022 taking place at Stanford University in October.

[Feb 2022] My article Design and Data: It’s a Match! got published in Bootcamp - part of the UX Collective, the largest Design publication on Medium.

[Feb 2022] New podcast episode with Rasagy Sharma, my colleague and an information designer is out!

[Jan 2022] First Article of the year: On diversity hiring in tech. The article received lots of positive feedback, including Julie Zhuo tweeting about it!

[Aug 2021] New podcast episode with Ms. Anubha Maneshwar, Founder and CEO GirlsScript Foundation is out!

[Aug 2021] I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Ex Quantum Lead at Google, Prof. John Martinis. The man behind the historic Quantum Supremacy paper. The podcast is out!

[Aug 2021] I started working at Sundial!

[July 2021] We’ve mentored over 35 students and raised more than 50,000/- INR through remote mentorship COVID fundraiser.

[June 2021] I got accepted into the PRAIRIE/MIAI AI summer school organized by the AI institutes MIAI (Université Grenoble-Alpes) and PRAIRIE, NAVER LABS Europe, and Inria, France.

[June 2021] I started a podcast! First episode with Dr. Srimathy Kesan, who lead a group of students to build the worlds smallest satellite is out!

[May 2021] We raised INR 25,000 through remote mentorship program: COVID Fundraiser.

[May 2021] I started a remote mentorship program to raise funds for COVID relief efforts in India! Help us spread the word.

[Feb 2021] I started working at the Theoretical Quantum Physics Laboratory RIKEN as an International Program Associate!

[Dec 2020] I was a Reviewer for EACL 2021!

[Oct 2020] I was selected for Maitreyee, IBM Research India’s annual mentorship and outreach event for women.

[Sep 2020] I started my Thesis at Microsoft Research with Dr. Monojit Choudhury!

[Aug 2020] Won the MIT COVID19 Challenge, India: Turning the Tide, a 48 hour virtual hackathon hosted by MIT.

[Aug 2020] Amongst the 50 students in India selected for Google AI Summer School: AI for social good track

[May 2020] I started working at Google as a Summer intern

[Mar 2020] Awarded a 1.3M yen competitive fellowship for a visit to Dr. Franco Nori’s lab at RIKEN in Japan.

[Dec 2019] Awarded Institute Merit-cum-Need Scholarship for excellent academic records.

[Aug 2019] Was extended an offer from Goldman Sachs for the role of Summer Analyst!

[May 2019] I co-led a Quark Summer Term Project on quantum cryptography!.

[Jan 2019] Won the Silver Medal at University Physics Competition, a 48 hour international contest for undergraduates (team submission: article).

[Nov 2018] Our team for the Radio telescope project was the runner-up for Suresh Ramaswamy Award and received institute funding for the same.

[Oct 2018] Visited the National Centre for Radio Astronomy, TIFR to seek technical guidance under the guidance of Dr. P K Das.

[Jul 2018] I was one of the two students to be nominated as Student Body Representative at Academic Council Board, BITS Pilani for a tenure of two years!

[Nov 2017] I participated in the Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop organised by Space Generation Advisory Council.

[May 2017] I started as the Sub - Coordinator at SEDS Celestia - the Astronomy and Astrophysics club at BITS Goa

[Apr 2017] I was awarded the Inspire Scholarship by DST, Govt. of India for excellent performance in JEE Advanced Exams.



Software Engineer


Dec 2022 – Present Bangalore, India
Providing seamless access to high quality education content.

Marketing Intern


Oct 2022 – Nov 2022 Bangalore, India
Trying to understand what marketing and community building looks like!

Product Engineer


Aug 2021 – Sep 2022 Bangalore, India
Building the future of data-story telling.

International Program Associate


Feb 2021 – Jul 2021 Tokyo, Japan
Studying the noise robustness of analog optimization methods for NP-Hard problems.

Research Intern

Microsoft Research

Sep 2020 – Jan 2021 Bangalore, India
Building explainable Natural Language inference models that can do logical reasoning.

Software Engineering Intern

Google Research

May 2020 – Jul 2020 Bangalore, India
Building an automated pipeline to report COVID19 patient numbers.

Summer Intern

Institute of Mathematical Sciences

May 2019 – Jul 2019 Chennai, India
Designed and Simulated efficient quantum circuits for topological quantum walks.

Summer Intern

Harish Chandra Research Institute

May 2018 – Jul 2018 Allahabad, India
Studied numerical measures of entanglement and worked on optimization of witness operator.

Selected Projects

Combinatorial Optimization using Analog Computing

Studying the noise robustness of analog optimization methods for NP-Hard problems.

Neurosymbolic Multi-hop Reasoning

Building a logical Natural Language Inference dataset

Combinatorial Optimisation on DWAVE systems

Verified the use of DWAVE to achieve a speedup in Machine Learning and combinatorial optimization problems

Quantum Techniques for Stochastic Mechanics

Investigated overlap and parallels between quantum mechanics and stochastic mechanics.

Radio Telescope

Designing and Constructing a 5-m aperture radio telescope (image for illustration)

Secure Quantum Computation

A study based project inspecting quantum protocols which provide fully private assisted quantum computation.

Synthesis of Quantum Dots

Short experimental project synthesizing and analysing quantum dots

Quantum Circuit Design

Designed efficient quantum circuits for quantum walks