Owning up my privilege.

Why don’t you own your success, Khyati? Why are you trying to be humble with me?!

Data & Design: It’s a Match!

Rasagy Sharma is an Information Designer with a focus on making data-heavy products easier & engaging to use.

Well, yeah, love it is.

What would you give up for love?

A home I can call mine.

In the end, aren’t we all looking to belong?

The double-edged sword of representing a community

Midnight meanderings.

You got this, You're a girl!

Navigating what it means to be a woman, work in tech, and be a woman in tech.

2021 Wrapped

Reflecting on 2021

Making it to Forbes 30 under 30!

An honest conversation on what it takes to work in social space, coming from humble backgrounds.

Building a career in Quantum tech

In conversation with Dr. John Martinis, Ex- Google Quantum Lead, man behind the landmark quantum supremacy paper.

Shooting beyond the horizon!

In conversation with Dr. Srimathy Kesan, Founder and CEO of Space Kidz India.