Building a career in Quantum tech

John Martinis lead Google’s Quantum Efforts to publish the landmark paper on quantum supremacy. He is one of the world’s top quantum scientists, and was recently awarded the John Stewart Bell Prize in 2021 for Research on Fundamental Issues in Quantum Mechanics and Their Applications.

He reflected on his career, spoke about his research quantum supremacy and why it is a significant achievement and focus areas for future. He shared why the quantum ecosystem is exciting and why you should consider a career in quantum technologies. For undergrads and young professionals, he shared many insights on how to look at research and advice on how to get started.

Questions we covered:

0:00 - Intro
0:35 - What is Quantum Supremacy
4:00 - Main Challenges in achieving commercial Quantum Computing
6:30 - Commercial Quantum Computer by Google
9:45 - Focus Areas for next 10 years
13:00 - The quantum ecosystem
16:00 - Opinion on Quantum Bubble and DWAVE
19:11. - Navigating as an undergrad
22:10 - How to get the first opportunity
25:30 - For young professions: Making a switch
29:00 - Without a PhD
30:30 - What fascinates him about QC
33:15 - Why achieving supremacy was interesting
36:00 - Thinking like a researcher
39:00 - Why you should explore Quantum Tech

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Khyati Jain
Khyati Jain
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