The only proof of God’s existence you need.

Music is the last magic of this world :)

2023 Wrapped

A note to self.

10 Lessons from an Accidental Engineer

Here’s a collection of mistakes I’ve made innumerable times.

A View of the Product Analytics Stack

Today, every company is a data company, whether they leverage data as a core asset. Companies with the strongest data-informed ...

The Joy of Living.

Reflecting on the kindness in the world

2022 Wrapped

A note to self.

The only audience you must write for.

Who am I writing for?” It’s a fundamental question, and it has a fundamental answer: You are writing for yourself...

Colours, Ghats and a nomadic life

Travel stories from Udaipur.

A failing feminist

Just frustrated with the moral signalling


Travel stories from Pondicherry.