When I’m not working, I enjoy keeping myself occupied with a lot of side hustles. Over time, I have observed I am doing my work better when I’m also doing other things. I enjoy doodling as I sit in front of my laptop daydreaming. I enjoy dancing, and sharing my mediocre attempts on Instagram. Obviously, I enjoy watching films and TV. It makes me very happy to see that movies like Frozen, Wonder Woman, Raazi and Kahani with strong female leads have also turned out to be amazing commercial successes. One of my goals for 2021 is to learn how to play my Ukulele. I am also looking forward to learning Blender, and annoy my friends with silly animations. ;)

I enjoy speaking and writing about technology. And I want to take more time out to read and write about technological advancements.

Reading List

I love reading, and I am trying to build back my habit of reading. While as a teenager I mostly read fiction - Detective series, Adventure, Romance and Fantasy, I am now trying to diversify my reading list. Of course, Harry Potter stays back, and I will always enjoy re-reading it :P

I am currently reading Influence, by Robert B. Cialdini. I found this book in Tristan Harris’s recommendations. This is a book on psychology of persuasion, and unlike anything I’ve read before. While the ideas each chapter in the book start off with very intuitive ideas - things we would normally assume to be true. The surprise (and scary) element of the book lies in how simple methods of persuasion could be used in very crucial situations to bring about positive or disastrous events. It offers insights to how technology is affecting our daily lives, and I would recommend the book to all.

I love reading about new ideas and hearty stories, do share with me if you have some book recommendations. You could also check my reading list, that I’ll try to update soon.

My Reading List